The Dirt Below

Olfactory honesty has never quite bothered me so. Smokestack sarcophogaus that criss-crosses the lines between breaths and asphyxiation; fresh rain falling like lead pocket change, shading grass blades a deranged jaune, the dirt below life in landslide mode, but has never given uncertainty to unknowns like lately, captains abstaining from piloting sinking boats. But it’s […]

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The Infrastructure of Anger

I helped anger build a wall, a nation’s length and five kilometres tall. Lugging bricks in a wheelbarrow to where lines in compassion were drawn, and a border of brawn would loom. I conscripted those intended to be outlawed at a later date, arbitrarily assigned binary identity, one and zeros of the human interface. I […]

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World War Whatever

World war whatever;  when you have lost your center of gravity in a coordinated catastrophe, the only thing you master is fastening a seatbelt before cars crash into walls. Blessed are we you should wage our wretched prospects to join you and welcome poignant news some won’t return home at all. World war love letters,  […]

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Fake Noose

I’ve forgotten all the titles I am entitled to reject. I’ve forgotten all the storybooks I’d get lost in one weekend to the next. Yes, there was a fairy tale but it was all to no avail, thanks to villains more valued than peaceful idols. We put faith in the most maniacal of creators; is […]

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The War Orchestra

Ashes of empires in the mirror as reflections inching  nearer to cracks  surrender to  the cataracts you suffer solely in my omnipresence. Calling all  able-bodied residents of  the freedom to choose your misery, to lay down your  long-held dreams and die heroes. Kiss your children on the head, wives on the cheek and come  cross […]

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Soapbox Serenade

I used to love your stories until I saw how horribly they end; and if winners are writing history, claiming affinity for narrative, there remain inconsistencies to address. Is the Dream still a thing, or are we content to consume it all now? Is fame like cheap whisky or is everyone simply trying to water […]

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Orange Republic

Grimace at the gumption, seedless orange republic, rife with enough corruption to draw out multiple state lines but we swear to God we’re fine. Hunger over higher function punctuates the grapevines through which shared fates stole semi-colons, cherry picked off vague exclamations. I don’t mean to be abrasive; chalk it up to a dying kind. […]

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So Many We Bury

Anti-aircraft lights keep our feet on the ground, ambition drowned in the puddles.  Our wings are clipped, soldiers kicking down the doors of angels.  Star spangled sympathies bullet-ridden with sickened consistency, eclipsing whatever patriotism they had us envisioning.  Ribbons of green where crossfire claimed innocence using little more than drizzled rain, so many children’s names […]

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Money & Things that Kill You

Emotional revenue at logic’s expense; blockbuster special effects dubbed over desperation,  projecting mayhem, screaming depraved. Decency’s doppelgangers conveniently estranged, and the narrative’s anger falls short of harvest,  rationalizing rain.  But this train’s on set course, lest it grow wings and derail gracefully. Failing that, least tracks should contain the cars, engines of self-harm guiding it […]

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Circle Weed

How to say this nicely? You know, I’m not psychically gifted, and my mother always bitched if you got nothing nice to say- well, you know how it goes. I never listened, this much she knows. Smile, nod and the world will see you chose to be complacent, looking in your impatient offspring’s blues, praying […]

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