Inherent Evils

I hope it is worth it; destroying whole worlds to explore your purpose, because we all need to be someone, don't we? I bet it's lonely at the top, where you can see the rot in all directions, hear insurrection off the brashest tongues below. From marble towers apropos, you could afford the hearts of … Continue reading Inherent Evils


#Bestof17: The Wall

Cat’s cradle of betrayal, hazel yarn, proved fatal to my understanding of self-harm, her cards laid across the table when mine had already bought the farm. Jokers to her Queens, single spade standing sentry to her army of aces and clubs, because you can’t fight for us if you are not of certain shape. At … Continue reading #Bestof17: The Wall

Hands Over Hearts, We’re Falling Apart

Is surrender in the cards tonight, as present company gaslights the excluded? Could the hands that've feuded with God and country be so mutinous, they're held over hubris' heart, singing impending ruin's anthems? Is there a cause to abandon, or some subtle advantage to being first to the bottom? I was born in autumn but … Continue reading Hands Over Hearts, We’re Falling Apart

Take Your Knee

Summer rays fade and winter may raid warmth's accomplishments under cover of darkness, draconion but not dishonest it sees Hell a frozen tundra. I can tell you the gravel road there was paved with good intentions, but it's a succubus, fatal temptress. Though you might label me madman, the pentagram maps are beyond saving now, … Continue reading Take Your Knee

Novel Announcement

Today, I'm really excited, because I get to talk a bit more about the novel I've been working on it, which I will be releasing next year. To give some perspective, my last novel was written in 2011. It was my second full novel, neither of which would be published and are likely buried forever. … Continue reading Novel Announcement

The Dirt Below

Olfactory honesty has never quite bothered me so. Smokestack sarcophogaus that criss-crosses the lines between breaths and asphyxiation; fresh rain falling like lead pocket change, shading grass blades a deranged jaune, the dirt below life in landslide mode, but has never given uncertainty to unknowns like lately, captains abstaining from piloting sinking boats. But it's … Continue reading The Dirt Below

The Infrastructure of Anger

I helped anger build a wall, a nation's length and five kilometres tall. Lugging bricks in a wheelbarrow to where lines in compassion were drawn, and a border of brawn would loom. I conscripted those intended to be outlawed at a later date, arbitrarily assigned binary identity, one and zeros of the human interface. I … Continue reading The Infrastructure of Anger

World War Whatever

World war whatever;  when you have lost your center of gravity in a coordinated catastrophe, the only thing you master is fastening a seatbelt before cars crash into walls. Blessed are we you should wage our wretched prospects to join you and welcome poignant news some won't return home at all. World war love letters,  … Continue reading World War Whatever