April Writing Prompt #3

Happy writing!


Deterioration of Mind and Body – Joann Cohen

Digital swipes, attention span shorten. Dopamine blockers, dopamine enhancers. Serotonin uptakes digital wave breaks, limits on language, languid linguistics blackened, hushed what is it replaced by? it bytes and threads all in a ball that bounces from cheek to check amyloid plaques rule, black midnight cats calling midnight bats and ravens cawing Big Ben I …

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Olivia’s Sorrow – Nicholas Gagnier

With apocalypse upon them, and her guiding light gone grey, she flickered against fate telling her she had no more part to play. The locket's absence was heavy, but would allow the Phoenix entry into Hale's weakness, end this malfeasance against decency. She'd been told never to touch this sword in Valhalla's heart. Pulling it …

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