Artist Incarnate

Laughter is discourse. Betting on a broken-legged horse, you better have contingencies. Been holding hands with my spiritual divorce so long, I’d forgotten we still stand out of sportsmanship, to take the piss out of our opponents or our licks with heads held high. I’d forgotten value where it seeks to vilify those who’ve none. […]

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Thanks for your Contributions!

First of all, thanks so much to those who have submitted already. You can still submit until September 10th. For now, the book is making excellent progress. Barring further submissions from you guys, this is pretty close to the final ToC. The first excerpt, “Wards” will release on this site September 1st. The second and […]

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There’s a mask to my demeanour, deadly spiders behind my exterior.  Their cobwebs are clearer than transparent environments,  spinning silk of rejected ilk and  whomever else desires it.  There’s a thousand lonely roads I could walk alone, but only one has end (I could never quite aquire yellow bricks) that doesn’t result in moral debt. […]

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Sam Sarah (2010)

I’ve lost what made us relevant. A force to reckon with, they once called us- strength of spirit under unturned stones. From the gray of Earth’s mires (absent from light’s berth), out to mountains closest to the hell fires- (include all the mines and meadows that lay between) Then, to them, to us, to me, […]

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Ms. Worthless

Hey miss worthless, or so you say, you know how to start a bad story over? You burn it, like tinder in cardboard box. It’s only paper, who said the ending is locked down? It’s only an iteration of many. Hey, mister spaceman, seeking eureka in your long shot stars,   never let the sun […]

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Confessions from Neverland

I don’t have the words to explain, pretty little pictures to illustrate. Only fault lines where my hands shake, gangrene mannerisms where I don’t know grace and I’m falling, falling, falling, out of your arms and into a rat race, where I can be your number one headcase when I win. I don’t have the […]

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Mother of Muses

I took what I most appreciate, the numbness to your aqua eyes, what you couldn’t feel of exhiliration, however unwise the results may be. I took antisocial liberties and made you a queen, all your plastic subjects and gave them material dreams. Lent your words some gravity so they could scream within a whisper, and […]

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