Ten Things My Daughter Should Know (2014)

Darling, there’s a few things I’ve learned toiling away on this Earth, that’ve made a blue-collar, street smart scholar of my earlier precociousness. You may not have immediately noticed it, but there’s been a few trips to Hell and back involved, touching devilish walls in amazement, stonework arrangements in mercurial halls, yet my modest shawl … Continue reading Ten Things My Daughter Should Know (2014)


A Conversation With My Daughter (2013)

August days where autumn winds add to the rains; not mature as gusts but just strong enough to challenge gravity. My daughter Skye (lately nine years old) with ice blue eyes and a golden dress, walks alongside me on the way home from school. I carry her backpack- it weights more than her mother’s black … Continue reading A Conversation With My Daughter (2013)

The Way They Used To (2016)

First I was an infant, human being in the simplest terms. I did not know words, just gratification. Dad said they don’t make ’em like they used to, for I was physical proof of his shortcomings but my mother loved me, and that’s never changed. Then I was a toddler, meaningless monster with a happy … Continue reading The Way They Used To (2016)

My Baby You’ll Always Be

Children of divorce imagine wars on individuality, though actually, we were better off as blanket statements. That history is ancient now, somewhat cantankerous, and right where I anchored it, my inner vagrant settled. Dad, never worth his parental mettle, bet against us and there's a husk of humanity where his presence ain't, vanity in lieu … Continue reading My Baby You’ll Always Be

be strong, little Jedi

There's no master plan, young Padawan, though I long for days there used to be. There are but wars of small convenience big pictures rendered meaningless when pieced together. Better worlds are treasonous for there's no shortage of genius to mend what ails. Where we fail's not in ideals or ambition but a uniform will, … Continue reading be strong, little Jedi