November’s Top Contributing Writers

That's right, to close November on Free Verse Revolution, we have two writers to celebrate. This month seems to have flown by and on the theme of desire you have two favourite pieces: Night Is A Crime In My Mouth by Christine Ray Desire by Megha Sood Christine Ray Christine writes at Brave & Reckless …

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Delusion – Joann Cohen

I’m archaic in my filigree ways. How I want you, but how I detest to show my deepest love for you. The angels gather when you speak. A tangled triumph of love becomes you. It’s as if you know all the notes and play them on my heart. You’ve unlocked my secret; to die in …

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For The Love Of The System – Jimmi Campkin

It only takes the sound of glass breaking to remind me of the taste; wet concrete and burned rust.  Last week I sat in a bar facing a drizzly street and stared at my own reflection for hours as humanity shuffled by.  The gangly barman, who’d been hopelessly flirting with his co-worker, dropped 125mls of …

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