Thanks for your Contributions!

First of all, thanks so much to those who have submitted already. You can still submit until September 10th. For now, the book is making excellent progress. Barring further submissions from you guys, this is pretty close to the final ToC. The first excerpt, “Wards” will release on this site September 1st. The second and […]

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Confessions from Neverland

I don’t have the words to explain, pretty little pictures to illustrate. Only fault lines where my hands shake, gangrene mannerisms where I don’t know grace and I’m falling, falling, falling, out of your arms and into a rat race, where I can be your number one headcase when I win. I don’t have the […]

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Wagon Girl (2013)

Hands in her pockets to hide the scars her father carved in with swiss army knives- the scissor ends. not the nail file or sharpest edge. The music in her head called poison control when she drank herself a hole though her stomach lining, perfect timing to admit she needs a change, but don’t make […]

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A Sun to Thousands

Melting down individual panic, the ingredients of everybody’s mania, and wondering why nothing binds it all together. Love makes us better, but does it really, when one suffers silent and can’t speak freely? If death’s just a feeling, another primal emotion, the havoc wreaked on my heart is supposedly a matter of concealing my Achilles […]

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Men’til Breakdown

Make friends with smoke, don’t be surprised when you fall in love with the fire. Living in a daze, wouldn’t you eventually consider sobriety a liar? Yeah, the situation’s dire, and my general attire for such situations is atrocious, some rag where the cashmere coats should be. My hair might be higher than me, trying […]

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No Idol

There’s lyric in the lament, sorrows that’ve had a decade and then some to ferment. Twenty-one plus ten, having finally gained the sense my parents said God forgot to give me, but that gibberish never affixed itself to ambivalence, because all it taught me was to worship absence. There’s some vindication within inaction, obviously. Forget […]

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