Swear To Me now on sale (Pre-order only)

Preorder Deluxe Edition Swear to Me is now available for pre-order through FVR on Shopify. Both the Standard and limited run Deluxe edition (available until December 31, 2017 or while supplies last) can be pre-ordered. The Deluxe Edition contains five additional poems, including the previously published “Homeward Legend”, as well as four works exclusive to the […]

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Bipolar Love

Somewhere between aspiring for perfect and regurgitating worthlessness the world assigned you; approximately sandwiched between valour and vandals, we’ve transcended neanderthal attitudes of youth, metamorphosis of many names but accidental ain’t one. Somewhere between having a handle and kicking in the door, I’m yours. A rock for your forest, so the trees might grow straight. […]

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A Normal Life (Swear To Me Excerpt)

You say you want a normal life, but you’re special beyond price. A floodlight of sentiment, sponge of undeserved detriment, a testament to not quite average. You want to be everyone else simultaneously, but you’re a maverick, beautiful with a glowing asterisk beside your name. Welcome as rain on humid July days, pointing out the […]

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Wards (Swear to Me Excerpt)

  There are wards in my head where all the well-meaning words went. There’s straightjacketed sensuality in my stead, intimate shipwrecks, and no treasure could tread water quite the same. There are padded walls in the place I’m most appalled, where I used to acknowledge God but thawed to the thought of it, and bonded […]

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Diameter Pt II

I’ve learned so much studying old holes in the walls. About you and the glass shards in your mouth; the hammer in my hand. I understand geometry better than I ever did trying to make you complete me, but it defeats any sense of feasibility built, all these holes in the drywall and the liquor […]

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Friendships Based on Fiction

I originally had a set excerpt schedule for this book. As it grew longer, I wrote more for it, and more people contributed, that schedule grew. Here is the new schedule, with FOUR excerpts now scheduled prior to October 24th. Aug 21- “Friendships Based on Fiction” Sept 6- “Wards” Sept 20- “The Guilt” Oct 1-“Mania” […]

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Thanks for your Contributions!

First of all, thanks so much to those who have submitted already. You can still submit until September 10th. For now, the book is making excellent progress. Barring further submissions from you guys, this is pretty close to the final ToC. The first excerpt, “Wards” will release on this site September 1st. The second and […]

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