Confessions from Neverland

I don’t have the words to explain, pretty little pictures to illustrate. Only fault lines where my hands shake, gangrene mannerisms where I don’t know grace and I’m falling, falling, falling, out of your arms and into a rat race, where I can be your number one headcase when I win. I don’t have the […]

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Mother of Muses

I took what I most appreciate, the numbness to your aqua eyes, what you couldn’t feel of exhiliration, however unwise the results may be. I took antisocial liberties and made you a queen, all your plastic subjects and gave them material dreams. Lent your words some gravity so they could scream within a whisper, and […]

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The Few and Far Between

You and me, yeah, the few and far between, two in a million and then some, a story finally worth the long read. There’s obscene, then mutually agreed taboos; there are broken men, then there’s their observing the compromised rules. There is the maestro and then there’s the muse, old warriors and then, their naive […]

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Dance like no one’s watching you constantly botching rhythm, chaotic precision to which euphoria can’t compare. Freedom can’t be austere or it’s not freedom, just tyranny with breathing room to spare. An affair with dead currents between oxygen’s puritans and four walls they share, the laissez-faire of curtains by winds which disapprove of static air. […]

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Subjects of a Posthumous Heart

Say you had but days to live; what would you give to be remembered beyond a misappropriated memory, the awkward measurements time forces upon us? Say that after beauty’s turned to dust, you’ll have me in one last maddening testament, until our souls can at least adjust. Say after lust there’s a love that fits […]

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My First Love Was Rock Bottom (2014)

My first love was rock bottom, heart-shaped stones rejected by cave walls that spawned them, eroded their place so holes of similar shapes could conquer consistency, figuring the people trapped within jagged walls would appreciate the stars. But I never wanted to be an astronomer once I learned to be the center of the Earth. […]

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Men’til Breakdown

Make friends with smoke, don’t be surprised when you fall in love with the fire. Living in a daze, wouldn’t you eventually consider sobriety a liar? Yeah, the situation’s dire, and my general attire for such situations is atrocious, some rag where the cashmere coats should be. My hair might be higher than me, trying […]

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The Way They Used To (2016)

First I was an infant, human being in the simplest terms. I did not know words, just gratification. Dad said they don’t make ’em like they used to, for I was physical proof of his shortcomings but my mother loved me, and that’s never changed. Then I was a toddler, meaningless monster with a happy […]

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The Anti Villain

Learning to excel in fluctuating circles of Hell. Think God might’ve brought me here but it’s too early to tell. All the spells I fell under, young, have worn off like cologne and all the places I called home are tainted by hubris. Why do I feel like the lunatic wanting to leave the crazy […]

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You Don’t Love Me Anymore

There’s a crease in my head. Wasn’t there when we met, fresh-faced, indebted. There’s a crack in my lips. Wasn’t there at first kiss, but yes, my mouth keeps on moving. And there’s a crack in my self-esteem that wasn’t there at seventeen, or years later at twenty-three. God, you should see the organ considered […]

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