The Damaged Good

Nights come, suicide consumes the line breaks; how some would grieve, others would not notice or mind. Daybreak would come, and they would all find peace by noon. Sure, they might eulogise my fashion blindness, but would not miss the constant sense of crisis. Yes, they might say something akin to "that man was an … Continue reading The Damaged Good


The Idea of You

Never been liked enough to be indispensable, have you, dear? Yeah, when we were kids, there was only the fear of God our elders instilled, but life proved its own kind of buzzkill, didn't it? We fell off our wheels, took our spills, painted our dreams dark red. We learned to deal with self-sabotage and … Continue reading The Idea of You

Ruptured Valentine

there she was, my reminder we don't have to be either out of our minds or textbook composed; nor should we encompass pieces that broke off aeons ago. there she is, knee-deep in snow of another February, anything resembling celebration buried thirty-six and a quarter degrees below. besides the makeshift mountains, what do we know? … Continue reading Ruptured Valentine


Something still holds us together, now more than ever. My heart's in the gutter. Yours changes like weather. You're paper, I'm rock and the scissors we're caught between cut into serenity, a polyamorous conceit. But it's the glue underneath uneven constructions holding up self-destructive pedestals, origami vessels that yearn to be paper airplanes. My crayons … Continue reading Glue

#Bestof17: Better Men Than Me

Better men than me, more handsome, less prone to emotions holding him ransom; who remember you have phantoms too, and know where to find your sun when skies have been grey for days. Better men than me would hug you without motive, learn to ignore the roaches that rope around the floorboards, be gone from … Continue reading #Bestof17: Better Men Than Me

For Ess

This wasn't no childhood love story, predestined, albeit a bit boring. I didn't meet you on some Sunday morning street; we weren't given serendipity's blessing. We came across each other, second-guessing questionable choice of past lovers and pieces of ourselves we gave away, voices of self-harm on replay. We persevered a little, learned to whittle … Continue reading For Ess

Elope with Me

Free Verse ReVolution

We stopped at the corner store for smokes,
rolling papers and
a couple cans of Coke,
abandoning bicycles with
bent spokes by
the door.

The cashier let it slide when we were too
poor to pay
the bill, told us to
come back tomorrow before eleven a.m.

We’d be a county away by then
but I’d send change
in the mail.

Fly away like hunted quail,
avoid wanderlust’s more
populous trails, reminders how
we failed to adapt
to gunshots.

We drove all night to where the sun comes up,
posting selfies for no one in
particular to
except your
dad ’cause
I’m stealing his daughter with
origami maps and
papier mache vows.

If you want to lie beneath the stars after,
two newlywed nomads, I won’t be mad because you
were made for me.

Think of the tall grass as
our own little town, citronella
and the whole

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