Modern Adaptation

It’s not you. It’s me. I’m a black and white movie in 4K. You’re a 3 am page-turner, but spare me the novel, we’re both beginning to show our age. Your book spine is frayed, full of pop culture graveyards that long ceased to be a meaningful reference. I’m a relic, low-fidelity matinee, the Citizen […]

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The Maw

Call me crazy but I think this little thing could work. Might be a masochist but this is probably gonna hurt in the end. Logic has adjourned; it’s all conspiracy theories and rule by emotion, when she looks into my eyes and doesn’t recognize what’s broken. It’s all jabberwocky; clocking out, quitting time for grammar’s […]

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Bipolar Love

Somewhere between aspiring for perfect and regurgitating worthlessness the world assigned you; approximately sandwiched between valour and vandals, we’ve transcended neanderthal attitudes of youth, metamorphosis of many names but accidental ain’t one. Somewhere between having a handle and kicking in the door, I’m yours. A rock for your forest, so the trees might grow straight. […]

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Black Market Empire

Don’t matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, whose arms you’ve fallen in when all was said and done. Life’s a smoking gun and we’ve caught the lion’s share of bullets. If I find your trigger, I’m gonna pull it, because you’re my exit wound, the loosened rules of cheating death. If modern love […]

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Route Four

Loved you more than I could describe; the moral fibre of each white lie, every black mark, and every pothole lends perspective to the heart I professed was yours, the diamond in my discord, and I, the danger zone on your dashboard. Odometer’s numbers so worn, RPM faded, radio on repeat, the long dark concentrated […]

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Diameter Pt II

I’ve learned so much studying old holes in the walls. About you and the glass shards in your mouth; the hammer in my hand. I understand geometry better than I ever did trying to make you complete me, but it defeats any sense of feasibility built, all these holes in the drywall and the liquor […]

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Confessions from Neverland

I don’t have the words to explain, pretty little pictures to illustrate. Only fault lines where my hands shake, gangrene mannerisms where I don’t know grace and I’m falling, falling, falling, out of your arms and into a rat race, where I can be your number one headcase when I win. I don’t have the […]

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Mother of Muses

I took what I most appreciate, the numbness to your aqua eyes, what you couldn’t feel of exhiliration, however unwise the results may be. I took antisocial liberties and made you a queen, all your plastic subjects and gave them material dreams. Lent your words some gravity so they could scream within a whisper, and […]

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The Few and Far Between

You and me, yeah, the few and far between, two in a million and then some, a story finally worth the long read. There’s obscene, then mutually agreed taboos; there are broken men, then there’s their observing the compromised rules. There is the maestro and then there’s the muse, old warriors and then, their naive […]

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