Sunday Best: Erebus

Dear reader, That's a wrap on June's theme of The Underneath. July's theme of Galaxies begins tomorrow and there are several contributor slots open. To submit, please follow these guidelines. Before you catch up on this week's pieces, please remember people's lives and human rights are not just hashtags. Below are links to resources and …

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Underneath the covers – Yamesh

Underneath the covers, a bed of constriction, swathed in delicately torn sheets in imposed slumber; I cannot escape. My prison bars are paper thin: sentences set down by a judge’s pen.   Underneath the covers, concealed thoughts, I think, I speak, I rage. You confine my existence, you break my body; crack my spine; a …

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Things That Lurk Underneath – Ferial Mohamed

A black and white Kodak polaroid memory box. Long nails burying dog bones instead of a hatchet. The duvet, the bed unmade. Floorboards creaking a tune to the footsteps of spooks. Hid in insulated attic rooftile, rats and pigeons and bats In a nest. A butterknife sawing a crocodile.   Underneath water bubbles, carbon dioxide …

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Performers – Punam Sharma

Underneath the bravura posturing  lies a conniving, craven cardiac core wont to deceiving, disseminating delusional designs twisting lies with consummate dexterity  chameleon like changing colours  misanthropic meanness masked completely beware! such asps  before they overrun eden  for their selfish desires.     I blog at

The underneath of us – Candice Louisa Daquin

Beneath the veneer, below polish, underneath our waxen, salty denial, Oh fear -- ! You who come unbidden with dark or dawn Crawling wetly with your hunger to devour The overlay of rational thought. How alluring your deft poison, when defenses show sluggish The gris-gris of delirium & alternative exhaustions machinate abundance in quieting method, I think …

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Sunday Best: camouflage

Dear reader, Below are links to resources, places you can donate to if you are able and petitions you can sign: To catch up on this week’s pieces: Tuesday - Basilike Pappa Wednesday - Jimmi Campkin Thursday - Yamesh Friday - Nicholas Gagnier Saturday - Mark Tulin …

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What’s Beneath Me – Mark Tulin

There is comfort above while a nightmare below, and if I’m not careful,  my blind vulnerability  will lead me astray My deceitful heart will make wrong choices, hear deceptive voices and loveless lies My body immobile with bound ankles, stripped of morals,  and freedom denied Dropped like an anchor, through a cosmic hole, a convoluted …

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