Beginnings – Joann Cohen

It was a day of darkness. critical shelter was needed for the thoughts that cracked my body into a lifeless mess. the world was dark, slimy, filled with horizontal lines in vertical spaces. my mind imprisoned. and each thought was taking steps to end it all. my reasoning myopic, how do I temper justice and …

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The Beginning of the End – Athina Merkouris

Love begins with subtle persuasion, like a gentle feather stroke Along your spine tingles caressed, as butterfly whispers spoke With naive eyes you took a glance into the radiant light A magic spell took hold of your heart and dreams danced until midnight The beginning of the end, shook the world beneath your feet As …

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At the Beginning – John W. Leys

Void Nihil, nothing Darkness, density Infinite eternity.   Expansion, explosions Unbridled light. Chaos, creation Dragons and demons, Fire and ice. Mother Earth; Father Sky Split, divided The world made right.   Monsters slaughtered; Mountains carved From their thighs.   Organized, categorized Order imposed. The future lies There in the garden Where the two trees grow. …

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