Sheep – Lois E. Linkens

A murm’ring herd gathers, like white beans. Stoic-bright-eyed sheep Waiting, as they do, on the skyborn shepherd’s keep.   Dirtied coats. One’s lost a leg; there’s talk it were a fight and that. One’s shiv’ring ‘neath a tatty hat   Weary from the morrow’s walk.   Sheep on the left is blue as day, pinks …

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Fireshine – Nicholas Gagnier

I’ve thinking about getting sober, because I’m so over these brandy-coloured glasses and nostalgia influencing philosophy.   Yeah, I’ve been digging up my problems and learning to assault them with constructive means. I’ve been hanging up what pains me on nails in golden frames because I overcame it, accepted change is the only constant, and …

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