There are over 1,050 poems on this site, dating back almost seven years. That figure boggles even my mind. Sure, you click on the main portal, and you can see what’s new at Retkon Poet. Well, where do you see the best stuff?

Right here.

If you have never read any of my work before- don’t worry, I’ve spared you the trek through drudge to find what is considered my best work.

A Decade of Stagnation
Goodbye Valentine
School of Naught
The Anatomy of Anger
The Ghost Collector
Wagon Girl
Ten Things My Daughter Should Know
Poetry 101
F*ck It
Hold Me ‘Til My Heart Breaks
Legacy 2015

For the full catalog, click here to visit the Appendices

Retkon Poet is no longer being updated.

For my new blog, Karma Linguist, click here.


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