Elope with Me

Free Verse ReVolution

We stopped at the corner store for smokes,
rolling papers and
a couple cans of Coke,
abandoning bicycles with
bent spokes by
the door.

The cashier let it slide when we were too
poor to pay
the bill, told us to
come back tomorrow before eleven a.m.

We’d be a county away by then
but I’d send change
in the mail.

Fly away like hunted quail,
avoid wanderlust’s more
populous trails, reminders how
we failed to adapt
to gunshots.

We drove all night to where the sun comes up,
posting selfies for no one in
particular to
except your
dad ’cause
I’m stealing his daughter with
origami maps and
papier mache vows.

If you want to lie beneath the stars after,
two newlywed nomads, I won’t be mad because you
were made for me.

Think of the tall grass as
our own little town, citronella
and the whole

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Devils (2015)

Free Verse ReVolution

Talks with my devils have always taken a non-verbal nature; largely free of analogy, syntax or point. We have coined words with our fingers and conveyed ideas as action rather than drive on the traction of promise. They are straightforward and honest, and though they bring guns to a fist fight, no attempt’s made to shield you from your fate.

“Come and sit,” one says, patting the bus bench seat beside him.

(It strikes me each time how alike we appear. Brothers, the two of them finish each other’s gaze and start the other’s sentences, for I am their audience, and they are unrepentant in selling the scene.) I oblige the younger and take my place between them- and no passerby would see them, for they are by-products of my belief in their presence.

I would scream for help hadn’t I learned that lesson thrice.

“Today is nice,” one brother…

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Hands to Yourself

I am not yours until I decide you're mine, and honey, those stars just aren't aligning. There's no secret romance hiding, so for you to see one in plain sight is blindness. I didn't want you, and you still took me. There was no harm in looking, but your eyes have hands that undress my … Continue reading Hands to Yourself

FVR Presents: The Swear to Me Readings (Episode 1: “Growing Pains”)

I am excited for you guys to watch the second episode, which airs next Tuesday, but in case you missed it, here's this week's. I am still figuring out my groove in this one, if you will, so it's a bit longer than they will be going forward. Bear with me. Swear to Me is … Continue reading FVR Presents: The Swear to Me Readings (Episode 1: “Growing Pains”)


My mother taught me to see the best in people, and it's driven me mental when people saw the worst in me. Would rather she'd said, show them the best in themselves, because they forget that as well, and self-improvement is a two-way street.