Death – Candice Daquin

Death of a face the last trace, looking inward, no sign, nor muscle memory a smile hostage by confusion a heart still beats, body functions still you are here and still you are gone. Death of a place somewhere we used to go, remember me until you do not our things gathering dust the penance …

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Olivia’s Sorrow – Nicholas Gagnier

With apocalypse upon them, and her guiding light gone grey, she flickered against fate telling her she had no more part to play. The locket's absence was heavy, but would allow the Phoenix entry into Hale's weakness, end this malfeasance against decency. She'd been told never to touch this sword in Valhalla's heart. Pulling it …

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Shadows on the Sea – John W. Leys

The shadow stretches And grows As the sun sets Into the sea, Until all is darkness.   From daybreak Until dusk The clock ticks Tocks, clicks Down to the docks.   Seconds and minutes March in formation, Precise, steady, A perfect procession, Never deterred From the destination.   Inevitable, equitable, Never early or late, Arriving …

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