The Footsteps of Progress

footsteps of progress are like outlines in sand; one tide comes along, washes all the hard-won imprints out to sea. pathfinder, forget what it means to document your path, for the journey is now, and the earth is too daft to remember your name or the size of your impact. should you leave a way … Continue reading The Footsteps of Progress


A Sudden Brightness

All this time, I've lived like a shadow. Envy of the gallows, while all the while, I envied shallow things. All this time, I was callow, howling at my dancing inspirations, unaware my feet were moving alongside theirs. All this time, I was scared, not even sure of what, but ran the gamut of bumps … Continue reading A Sudden Brightness

iwalkalonelyroad (The Boulevard) (2017)

How are we such ambassadors of isolation, only segregated by arbitrary spaces? How does this hell of occupying parallel locations make a living preaching ostracization? How can your boulevards not meet at my front yard? Why are avenues I choose often so misconstrued? Will your scenery ever collude with the land I own, its buried … Continue reading iwalkalonelyroad (The Boulevard) (2017)