Misery Physics

Every infraction has an inbalanced but opposite reaction. It’s equal in name only. Relativity gets lonely, our greatest emcees squared away, and the velocity I crave is some second-rate hypothesis so few seem to break. Time travel is real, yeah, the way these years keep on passing but I’m ever mastering the art of existence […]

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Sincerely, Deirdre 

In honour of Swear To Me releasing on the 24th, I am posting poems from my previous books every Tuesday and Thursday before release. Today’s selection is “Sincerely, Deirdre” from 2014’s The Killing Wage. Dear descendants, should any still exist, My name is Deirdre and I’m sixteen, born to the end of a world too […]

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Minimalist Maxima

I am but a microbe against a backdrop of kaleidoscopic science, single stretch in a winding road. I am hope’s droplet in an ocean of styrofoam. Outnumbered by unknown exponentials, stick of lead in a box of pencils. I’m one trace of the killer in a crime scene of clues, wandering hierloom in a world […]

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Take Your Knee

Summer rays fade and winter may raid warmth’s accomplishments under cover of darkness, draconion but not dishonest it sees Hell a frozen tundra. I can tell you the gravel road there was paved with good intentions, but it’s a succubus, fatal temptress. Though you might label me madman, the pentagram maps are beyond saving now, […]

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Fossil Fool (2015)

All the power of a star and you had to to mine under the mountains to find your fountain of light. All the wind at your disposal and your anecdotal infernos, night after night, to harness only the currents you like. Fossil fool, a consumerist fuelled by logic not quite there; an emperor loved for […]

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Wrong Was the Name They Gave Me

As I sit here, thinking long past the time I put down my drinking glass on a table too old for numbers but yet too young to give out in the legs, some quotes recurr, just meaningless words that took on midnight meanings.  “You know your problems will follow you, whereever you may go in […]

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Street Lit Majors

In honour of Swear to Me’s release next month, I will be posting poems from my previous books every Tuesday and Thursday until October 24.  This first from Little City (2015), this is Street Lit Majors. I met Jesus on the street, preaching apocalypse, if he could only auction off a date. Trying to be […]

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Black Market Empire

Don’t matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, whose arms you’ve fallen in when all was said and done. Life’s a smoking gun and we’ve caught the lion’s share of bullets. If I find your trigger, I’m gonna pull it, because you’re my exit wound, the loosened rules of cheating death. If modern love […]

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