Delusion – Joann Cohen

I’m archaic in my filigree ways. How I want you, but how I detest to show my deepest love for you. The angels gather when you speak. A tangled triumph of love becomes you. It’s as if you know all the notes and play them on my heart. You’ve unlocked my secret; to die in …

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For The Love Of The System – Jimmi Campkin

It only takes the sound of glass breaking to remind me of the taste; wet concrete and burned rust.  Last week I sat in a bar facing a drizzly street and stared at my own reflection for hours as humanity shuffled by.  The gangly barman, who’d been hopelessly flirting with his co-worker, dropped 125mls of …

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Anthology Tuesday: Until There’s Nothing Left – Kindra M. Austin

The following poem is from Kindra M. Austin's upcoming poetry collection, Twelve. Enjoy.    Until There's Nothing Left My heart itches in the dark, and I can hear a scratching— sounds like millions of insects marching over a coffin.   I want to make my fingers into tiny shovels— dig until there’s nothing left.   …

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8am without sunrise

My Screaming Twenties

A gloomy morning walk,

8am without sunrise

and I find myself in a graveyard

paying respects to strangers;

thankful there is no one here

I knew or loved.

Those graveyards are elsewhere

and lack paths to line the headstones.

In some places it is overgrown

and uneven – an endless reminder

the dead rest beneath you

with secrets you hope they will never tell;

they are my teeth and tongue.

Not every grave is left


The flattened grass reveals

the tombs I return to;

my still beating heart,

my recurring dreams

and memories of every boy

and every man I’ve loved

or worshipped or despised so much

I called it love.

These tombs are the tidiest

but adorned with dead flowers

I never change, just adjust

or add to; week old blooms

I left to die on my windowsill.

And the church beside them

is made of bone, my…

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Ms. Georgia Park We Are With You

Please help, share and support Georgia if you can 💛

A Global Divergent Literary Collective


Sudden Denouement is a community of special people. I don’t know if we would have made it without you. Collectively, we are working on how to be of assistance to one who has brought such joy to people all over the world. We have your back. More details will be forthcoming on how we can help be of assistance to Georgia in her time of need. Material things can be replaced, luckily you and your dog survived. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Jasper Kerkau


We have established a GoFundMe for Georgia to help her right now as she has lost the majority of her belogings to this fire. Please do what you can to donate and if you can’t, please share our GoFundMe

A number of SD collective writers and members have stepped up to donate the next 3 months of their royalties to the rebuild efforts…

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some butterflies

Incredible work 💛

hijacked amygdala

It is late, the dark has started weaving nests into crannies. I’m drunk. We’ve only known each other a few weeks.

“I don’t want this,” I told her, a few minutes ago.

And so, she paces.

She stops.

“What are you?” she asks, her arms limp from nail biting.

I frown at her, drinking something–a beer, probably. “I’m a man?”

She frowns, “No–no! You are arms–yes, legs, eyes–yes, three hundred pages of verse, maybe–but you are not a man.”

She goes back to pacing.

I roll my eyes. “Why are you being so dramatic?”

“I’m not being dramatic,” she tells the other side of the balcony, “I’m being poetic.”

She walks back and stands over me.

She looks down, into me–about to cry or kill me, I don’t know.

“Some butterflies are beautiful for only a day and then they die,” she whispers. She kneels down, places her face on…

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Basilike stuns on SD 💛

A Global Divergent Literary Collective

by Basilike Pappa

It said sleep / the voice said / slide into / me / like a fish / in water the voice said / dreamless / I’ll catch you / just sleep it said / you’re tired and / it’s time to / sleep.

Like this / it said / the voice said / close your eyes / slide / let go / see? it said / like this / come to me / easy / you’re tired / just sleep.

That time / it said / remember? / that time in the sea / the water closed over / so close to the shore / but that current / that sneaky tricky current / it said let go / the voice said / like fish / you’re tired / sleep / easy like this / don’t blink.

And you thought / why not / easy / the…

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Nicole Lyons Reviews We Will Not Be Silenced

What a wonderful review of an incredible anthology I cannot wait for people to read 💛


‘We Will Not be Silenced’ is a call to arms; it is muffled voices upon strangled voices ripping the gags off to scream their stories and speak truth to power. ‘We Will Not be Silenced’ is rage and heartbreak, it is the soul-crushing pain of the worst kind of human violation being laid bare for all to see, and it is laid bare with an unflinching power that demands you to keep reading. These stories are poignant and disturbing, and they are filled with everything this world needs to read right now.

‘While We Will Not Be Silenced’ is not an easy read, but it is an important one, and while the subject matter is sensitive and the words unforgiving, these stories and essays, the poetry and the prose, the art captured within, have done a service to every survivor of sexual abuse and harassment by taking back their power…

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so what are you doing for your birthday

The marvellous OP 💛

RamJet Poetry

doing for your birthday

this tribunal appellate,

platinum lassitude painted

with disingenuous fingers

appalled at the notion of loss

breathing with eyes shut

the hour is late and no one

is coming to champion the cause

because there’s no profit involved

I’m freebasing ideas in the square room

all the blank stares tell me

it’s unfair and the prognosis

untenable, tourmaline mandate

we are torpid cancer

awaiting fruition

I find it all so fun(gible)

strapped in the network

my workload is overloaded

debt my unnecessary companion

If I just get that one more thing

capacitors at full capacity

we are breakdown

not like Tom Petty

run for your life

cannot run far on edge of knife

hey acrobat, better watch your step

you are gonna get cut

we are all bleeding

hive of hornets

who want to make honey

the sweet, sugary paper money

I wanna walk away

I wanna walk away

I wanna…

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