Wagon Girl (2013)

Hands in her pockets to hide the scars her father carved in with swiss army knives- the scissor ends. not the nail file or sharpest edge. The music in her head called poison control when she drank herself a hole though her stomach lining, perfect timing to admit she needs a change, but don’t make […]

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Don’t know if I want to grow old, for all its aches and unfulfilled goals. Had such a time of it young, even the slightest cold sends me into tailspins, panic’s plastic pins the voice of reason that holds me down. So I let myself drown, in full public view, while wolves howl stories of […]

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The July Suicides

Songs I don’t touch in summer, cast aside like childhood lovers, cumbersome as loaded guns, became soundtracks in my head all year round. Awake like I won’t see the sun today, asleep to euphoria; fitful dreams the flora of half consciousness, self- esteem’s diaspora through bliss.   The numbness I’ve felt since I held hands […]

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I’ve got a sleepy town in mind, quiet groomed from birth to the nines; girl and her ghost who haunts me because both came from its Sunday drives. Eclipse in her eyes when she looked directly into mine, laughter purer than basement moonshine, a sadness to her methodology that rivals all the time I’ve outlived […]

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Pardon My French

Dignity living on the lam, trying to act like it gives a damn about standards, two fucks about philandering with flakes. Living out of a car with self-slamming brakes; crashing down a riverbank of righteousness- captain, make me walk the wooden plank. Everyone’s a pirate and, given this anarchic environment, everybody’s pulling rank. Empathy its […]

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The Star-Crossed Songs

Haunting music like it was made for me; hopeless chants in the periphery. Try to stretch the diaphragm but then I heave. Move my fingers, compose misery.  And if it bleeds, it was born to die, cariovascularly asinine. Although should it sing, sing back in kind, because the lie that I’m fine is working. Optimism […]

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Daydrunk Sunrise

Bring me joy in all its kaleidoscopic colours;  give me life, for all its unrepentant bummers.  We’ve all been rudderless, and curmudgeons once or twice, but misery loves its company and I’m happy to supply its vice.  Sad thoughts in the hundreds, so I ain’t playing nice tonight; liquor and pills and 1990 stills, cardboard […]

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A Sun to Thousands

Melting down individual panic, the ingredients of everybody’s mania, and wondering why nothing binds it all together. Love makes us better, but does it really, when one suffers silent and can’t speak freely? If death’s just a feeling, another primal emotion, the havoc wreaked on my heart is supposedly a matter of concealing my Achilles […]

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