Routeless – Nidhi Shekar

I found my doll, lying amidst the dust and rubble And can only assume that around it crumbles what remains of my home My family lie in shallow graves, my brother’s blood still drying on my face. The women that find me tell me to shut my eyes, that the sight is not for me. …

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February Writing Prompt #1

It's Free Thought Thursday and this week's writing prompt is Where I Belong.  Respond with poetry or short prose by linking your post in the comments below. The top three responses (taken from WordPress and Facebook) are shared every Sunday.

All Together Now – Nicholas Gagnier

This poem is from Nicholas Gagnier's latest poetry collection All The Lonely People which is available on Amazon. All Together Now I started out singular, far from the plural as one could ever hope to be.   I wrote apologies, anthologies, narratives I remember calling timeless, but are now my psoriasis.   You’ll rarely find …

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