Little City

book cover

Check back June 9th for the book to go live!


-Linked physical edition for sale. (06/12)

-Linked review by David Higgins. (06/12)

– Little City is launching early! The full book is now available to read!! Physical editions available for order soon. (06/05)

-The excerpt for “Sunset” has been linked to this page (05/31)

-The excerpts for “Street Lit Majors” and “Rent” have been linked to this page.(05/29)

-Introduction added. (05/29)


Growing Up Here (Means You Don’t Wanna Grow Old Here)
Busker from the Boonies
Head Shop ft. Holden Lyric
Walking Each Other Home
Street Lit Majors
No One Knows the Neighbours’ Names
White Police

Review by David Higgins

Support Little City by purchasing a copy for sale.


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