I.M.F. (Imminent Material Failure)

Whole districts on the grids went
dark that evening,
four million human beings
pounding walls and

“The men from
banks have come, brought moving
vans and trucks,
telling us, well
shit, man you’re living on
the wrong side of luck,

ain’t you?”

Politicians say it is
not us that have
failed you but if

we’ll get to the
truth and make your
plastic status symbols just as admirable as

they were,
more beautiful in turn and your lives equally


But come Friday
sunrise, there were
bodies belonging to both sides,
the personification of pride left to
wither and
die on
courthouse lawns where
riot men rose before the
summer dawn to

put a pack
of animals down.


One thought on “I.M.F. (Imminent Material Failure)

  1. I like your style, it´s one that I comprehend. You talk on this poem at least of what´s going on around us, with not so fancy words like other poets that I read and I do like, but I need the dictionary by my side for each sentence. Beautifully written with flow.


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