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Welcome to America


Water gone poverty in the rise

you gave the people of Flint nothing and told them lies

Heroin ODs and people who have been poisoned with lead

the government might as well have wished you dead

Babies get sick while white men get paid

Rick Snyder is hoping the Black race fades

Higher drop out rates come with it which isn’t a surprise

people not being able to leave which makes them feel paralyzed

Target practice and bombings go on

that our government inflicts strait from the pentagon

No one helps them no one seems to care

which means there is no hope for humanity

it’s not fair

This was written by my daughter

Sara Cohen 2018

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The season of falling

The Notion of Love

“I think the universe is conspiring in our favor,”
you whispered, smiling, as we walked across
the vast expanse, the call of autumn shook
the trees as leaves took their final dance in
elegant pirouettes, like a twist of magic with
their own orchestral beat. Today's forecast was
supposed to be thunderstorms, but here we are,
hand-in-hand, holding on to each other, in a
season where everything seems to be falling.

Call of autumn – for #septemberfalls18 hosted by @breath_words_ and @a_sea_of_words_

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Fall – for #ourpoetryjourneysep18
Autumn Awakening

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Life comes second

choices in error

Your laughter,

my blue plump vein,

the catch in your voice

when you say my name.

I found all the hidden meanings

in your mouth with my tongue

The barbed wire finger tipped traces

etch your name into my thighs,

whispers of words we never said

inked into every sigh.


Ocean waves are braided into our kisses, intimated absolutes are weaved into our chemistry. In this space is where we sketch forever.

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Across The Bow – Matthew D. Eayre

Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

Far from my mind is the thought
of what I may possess
or what others have not

A place between understanding,
education is not the measure
of a man’s knowledge
and experience is only one of many

I cannot find the sound of reverence
echoing down hallowed halls;
as though none had been before
today sounded the first call

Close to my hands
I keep a record of my worth,
in the breadth of time
only a penny,
or a half

For my version of verse
or lines of ordered rhyme
my price to pay is most dear;
what value placed by history
is never mine to proclaim
nor fear

In certainty I match sounds
with color, emotion and sight
a garden grown from flesh and bone
through darkness, death and plight
misery and ecstasy
joined in militant march;
to fight a battle not my own
and take a…

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ADVANCE REVIEW: Quit Your Job and Become a Poet (Out of Spite!) 2nd Edition

  I admit I was already crushing on the mysterious Georgia Park before I ever read any of her books. She reminds me of a 1920’s starlet possessing the foresight of ten people, at once, terrifying and glorious. There’s something deeply appealing about an unapologetic feminist who wears screen siren clothing and possesses both confidence …

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My Screaming Twenties

Darkness cups my elbows

and nestles into my thighs

like a lover.

I part my lips

in daylight innocence,

giving myself away.

This twilight meeting

is my coronation;

adorning midnight’s mantle.

I become

a consort of the moon;

silver, shrouded in shadow,

my skin, howling with lust

as I’m kissed by the stars.

I come as dying light

and never ending night.

I am the queen

of your darkness;

and the fear you hold

becomes the smouldering

jewels in my crown.

© Kristiana Reed 2018

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