At War with Water (2012) OUT OF PRINT

A collection of poems that seeks to expand the limits poetry imposes. It is a freeform love letter, a chaotic warning tale, a sapling of hope for those who may have none left to offer. Consisting of 56 poems, its subject matter is a square dance between love, addiction, world events and a search for inspiration. It is the beginning to a better world, a roadmap for those who have been lost within the currents for too long.

Ground Zero ft. Sara Khayat et al. (2013)

GROUND ZERO is the definitive poetry project centered on mental health. Co-produced by Retcon Poet and Good Morning Bedtime Story, this collection features over fifty poems from almost a dozen different writers. From the grips of agoraphobia to a bird’s eye view inside a broken home; tackling bullying, homophobia and the scores of teen suicides in the last decade; through the heartbreak of schizophrenia and clinical depression, we have one question to ask: Is it possible to write our way to a better world, and if not, a better state of mind? Featuring seven poems written exclusively for this collection, GROUND ZERO seeks to answer that with a definitive yes.

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The Killing Wage (2014)

THE KILLING WAGE is the antithesis of the American Dream. It is about more than the millions of families living below the poverty line. It is about more than the corruption of modern politics and its corporate masters. It is about the heart of disparity and cell death of the middle class, as a whole generation grows up to realize the system was never designed to sustain future generations-only the current one.

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Little City (2015)

Sometimes, the places nothing’s said to happen are the most chock full of experiences.

LITTLE CITY is both a tale of the mundane and the magical. It’s where change takes an eternity to implement itself, yet once it does it does so with unrelenting speed and efficiency.

Tackling everything from the respective wars on terror and drug use to the dawn of the digital age and mass surveillance to the simple act of falling in love, this collection is a snapshot of life outside metropolitan postal codes.

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Generation Why (2016)

The final anthology from Nicholas Gagnier, Generation Why explores the microcosm of a generation coming of age in a post-September 11th world.

Using this event we saw play out as children and teenagers as a springboard, it follows the boomerang kids through the War on Terror’s early days to the worldwide recession that followed it, as they sharpened their trademark defiance on bleak career prospects and the cynicism of those who spawned them.


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