October Writing Prompt #3

The top three responses will be shared this Sunday coming; so you have plenty of time to write and share your inspired piece in the comments below. Happy writing! Kristiana x


Sunday Best: Pride in the Pain

Dear readers, I hope you have had a lovely week and enjoyed the writers whose work was shared on Free Verse Revolution this week. Many of this week's writers are firm favourites with FVR's readership and the excellent Mark Tulin made his debut. Tuesday - Nicholas Gagnier Wednesday - Holly Rene Hunter Thursday - Christine …

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Eulogy for a Fairy Princess – Christine E. Ray

your words  of sacred poetry take me back  to the time  before I was broken before I was rendered collateral damage to the war fought  over this body   you wrap me  in a cloak  of subtly  woven language sing a eulogy  to my  innocence lost evoke memories of my heart whole soul pure hope  trust intact …

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Paper Birds – Holly Rene Hunter

I’ve unfolded us like origami Ripped  open  our borders, dissected the dark corners of secrets forced  them into light to mourn like hollow bones of birds. I have renamed us where every memory is not an ache beneath my ribs and every  thought is not an assault on the dead. My heart is the flush of peony, the color of healing scars.     Copyright Holly Rene Hunter …

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Sunday Best: Ocean Healing

Dear reader, Despite October being notoriously dark and frightening, here on Free Verse Revolution the work I publish this month will be in response to the theme 'Healing'. Already, pieces have explored healing after heartbreak, hope and the difficult journey behind healing. To catch up: Tuesday - Manisha Chummun Wednesday - Fokkina McDonnell Thursday - …

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