FREE VERSE REVOLUTION is self revolution through poetry and short prose. The writers you find here fit our mission of unique literature.

With the soft re-launch in October 2018, our focus became to share and foster the talent we were already acquainted with and find new writers. We do this through our regular contributors: Nicholas Gagnier, Kindra M. Austin, Kristiana Reed, Megha Sood, John Collins and John De Gruyther, and through guest contributions each month. These contributions come from writers we love who we reach out to, and guest submissions. Anyone can submit a piece in line with the month’s theme and express their interest in being a monthly contributor. However, Free Verse Revolution is not a collective, it is a community so we will never pressure our contributors or guests to submit each month. We simply want to share the work of talented writers from all around the globe.

To foster this community, we introduced Free Thought Thursday. Every Thursday we share a prompt, which ties in to the monthly theme, and ask our readers and writers to enjoy a little freedom of thought to respond. Response posts are linked in the comments and every Sunday we unveil our Sunday Best, the top three responses to the week’s prompt.

Our ultimate goal is to celebrate the revolutions within ourselves, in our voices and in our styles, through the art we create with words and storytelling. We hope you enjoy the work you find here and consider lending your pen to our community.