Sunday Best: inward glances

Dear reader,

I hope October is treating you well and you are enjoying the poems and prose on Free Verse Revolution this month. There is only one space remaining if you would like to submit a piece for the theme of Reflection.

Catch up on this week:

Tuesday – Lynn White

Wednesday – Jaya Avendel

Thursday – Anoushka Kumar

Friday – Richard LeDue

Saturday – Yuan Hongri

This week’s prompt was ‘inward glances’ and below are the top three:

Inward glances – Dancing Coyote

Old face looking back at me in the broken mirror.

I can’t find the man whose eyes were hopeful,

I can’t find the need to be kind, to love. No-more.

I seek inward glances into my wounded soul and

I find silence.

Maybe I did enough, maybe I didn’t say enough?

Maybe I didn’t love enough?

Maybe the ugly face I have.

I own it.

Safe Corner – Francis Barker

This is not new,

nor is it normal.

The face staring back at me-

I don’t recognise

what I’ve become;

some cowering, emaciated shadow,

a tortuous history

browbeating guilt into my psyche,

stuck in the safe corner

doubling as my cage,

from which I can leave


adentro – mb

mirror in my eyes

i haven’t seen in years

there’s been a silent blindness

blocking off my sight

the heart she braces

my inward glance

poppies gold and red

flicker in the wind

a lock of tender hair

across my face

a smile greets the come what may

pupil to pupil reflecting back

truths in simplicity

Happy writing!


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