Trail of Cohosh – Jaya Avendel

Touch tears from your cheeks

To your fingertips

To the grass

When you come full circle

Only to find the ash of your smile

Dusted across a valentine

Stale with glue. 


It hurts to kneel

To whispers of lost loves and dreams

Stings to wonder at the outcome

Of different paths taken.


Briars lose their thorns

When your skin is thicker then

The nightmares at the end of their needles

So circle the places

Where you let go of false pride and

Picked up integrity at the break of dawn.


Mark the places

Where you added another piece to your heart

Puzzled over the watermelon seeds

Hiding in the rotting gut of pain and

Learned valentines grow stale

If you do not let them go. 



Jaya Avendel is a writer living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, where she dips her pen into the inkwell of fantasy and prose. She writes at

4 thoughts on “Trail of Cohosh – Jaya Avendel

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