Reflections – Candice Louisa Daquin

I reflect, confect, arabesque, meditate

cogitate rèflexions in the mirror

opaque, convex, invert, perverted

lips leaving stain, tea-cup, coffee-mug, wine-glass

your underwear torn, scattered like poppy seeds

what shall we give birth to? When the time

comes to see clearly? (It never will, we are chimeras

of body dysmorphia, we inhabit false hope, blind faith

the rabbit foot no longer works its spells)

I rise above you like a war goddess about to

smite you for your devotion with blue smoke

instead we kiss, make-out, cuddle by fireplace

until our fur is worn and smudged

the day hissing in anticipation of

rain, swollen, drowned clouds burgeoning

closer to earth than your whisper in distorting dark

reflection is an abstraction, abjuration

a shout across busy road

put some fucking leggings on, you pale legged toad!

a rise in the woman-machine

oil me, make me well, I will grind those voices back to


our limbs entwined, darkness underling, storms

thumbing, failed birth-control

the morning after, dour in her receipt

standing like unfed child

at crimson door of the saints

give me a pill to make me whole

to tear me into pieces

savage my urges to leniency

leave me tranquil, drooling, lethargic

wooden like a cross nobody prays well to


the cats piss by alley way

dogs howl at empty skies

we cry, our heads bent in nectar, 

at the thoughtlessness of love

when she has left her knife blunt

wanting for sugar

pour me a cup, warm me up

in the reflecting pools we see our

mastication, the slow release of us

your hands inside me, my mouth

keening for, more, always more, we

are insatiable, beneath ground

there goes the wooden toy given by my grandmother

there, the mirror, wielded by sea serpent

still, we watch boats capsize, jellied survivors

drug to shore, their lament for

eternity and more

just one extra night, with you

holding your crooked back straight with the weight

of my ardor

pinching our cheeks to ripening health

masks, balls, delusions, extra layers

swaddled in pretense, we uneasy, sway

caressing me on a hot summer’s day in an open car

all the world to see your proclivities, you said

I replied; Drive, drive faster

climaxing at 70mph, now you, wheat chaff

lie tucked tightly between three white sheets

the blink, blink, blink of artificial air

where are we now? Cavorting through

garden hedges, catching our stockings, wet footed

there is the blue house, there is the tall tree

we climb

oh, we climb

away from the inevitable

here where sky meets sea

reflection all around

silencing humor, horror, heartbeats

stillness, like pirouetting glass

echoing into distance

no more footsteps

no more shackles

all is serene. 


To read more of Candice Louisa Daquin’s work – The Feathered Sleep and at Hijacked Amygdala. You can also follow her Facebook – Candice Louisa Daquin The Feathered Sleep.

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