After life – Joann Cohen

My life is a blank slate locked inside a sterile room

Quiet yet, full of screams for someone to shake the blue from the sky

I walk among the shattered facade sinking deeper into quicksand

My mind swept clean of palettes of color

Pulled from my roots and my placenta you have spun a pink dream while I gasp for air with my cerulean heart

I am a weeping willow

as you suckle on my breast the room spins

You are a myth wider than the universe and just as powerful as the smallest grain

I have mixed wisdom and swallowed thousands of ideas and words

But you

unleashed a thousand moons and one bright star to my dead heart

This is my life after life

Joann Cohen 2020

You can read Joann’s work here at jomillyblog

3 thoughts on “After life – Joann Cohen

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