After Life – Shreya Sharma

A drizzle from the clouds

lights up a sunny weather,

a beautiful aftermath of different shades of sky.

A minute seed blooms

into a floriferous bliss,

turning my garden into a land of angels and flies.


A caterpillar undergoes a process of metamorphosis

to come out as a butterfly.

What do you name it as?

A complete fall off

or an after life?


The sun rises

And the sun sets everyday

This gargantuan earth

revolves around the sun

like a number of threads sewn

to adorn a handkerchief for a lover.


My mind whispers a heartfelt note to my heart

of the thoughts that would reside here in my absence.

And my laughter that would prevail in this space,

and the effervescent kisses I have planted

would exist after my death. 



Shreya Sharma is a Market Research Analyst in Gurugram, India. She enjoys her writing interests and regularly updates her poetry on her WordPress blog and Instagram (@sharmashreya020). She has been part of a couple of Poetry anthology published by Blue Rose Publishers. In her free time, she reads books, spends her time with plants and loves music. She blogs at

11 thoughts on “After Life – Shreya Sharma

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