11 thoughts on “September writing prompt #3

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  2. lynnpoetry

    A Season For Living

    I’d always loved flowers.
    You helped me
    surround myself with them
    to bring me joy.
    I would like to lie in my garden
    in the mist of the soft sweet smelling mist
    of them
    for ever.
    But everything has it’s time,
    its time to live,
    and its time to die
    and only the flowers
    will bloom eternally
    each in its season.
    This is my season for living
    and it’s now that I need them.
    When I’m dead I won’t see them on my grave,
    won’t know that you’ve brought them for me
    won’t know if you haven’t,
    or care.
    The flowers you carry
    in that season should be for you,
    for all of you that I left behind
    and all of you still to come.
    Don’t let them die
    for me.
    Nobody wants dead flowers,
    least of all, dead people.

    Lynn White

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  3. always

    By: Lucy

    flowers; the frozen nails
    of Mars, lest I leave
    in lunula wombs
    to no death of our worms
    and our licking wings;
    I’ve dreamt no more
    than the coquette black rose,
    and her absinthe skin,
    wormwood, dead at our feet,
    to the insomnia
    cocktails of phantasm,
    setting down the metaphysical poetry
    through my blood-flow, and the paraphernalia
    of rocks, incubated with the skull-shaped
    hills; is it then
    so ancient?
    the last fingers
    of the stars, their comet conches,
    to the moth’s tree
    their baby woods, a morgue
    of shadows and moth wings,
    whitened rheumatic seas
    always, the flower dies.

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