Sunday Best: pomegranate seeds

Dear reader,

I hope you are safe and well. This week saw gorgeous pieces shared on the blog about ‘After life’. I’m enjoying the varied interpretations of the phrase and I hope you are too!

Tuesday – Ellie Onka

Wednesday – Tanisha Barrett

Thursday – Lynn White

Friday – Elena Maria Mana-ay Parcon

Saturday – Tan Ruey Fern

This week’s prompt was ‘pomegranate seeds’; here are the top three responses.


From the soil
To the sky-
A ruby chalice

You handsome devil – Lucy

The first chip in the axe
is in the ebony winter
fingers craving on the fresh
vein of apples,
madness, an old wine,

the tender briar
of the moon and drunk
morpheus to a shore
that never bleeds;
seduction to the red
strawberries / naked insanities
to veiled black feathers,
we’ll not wait
for the moon to commit suicide.
Have our tombs,
six months in winter,
six months in spring;

you handsome devil,
there is a dream impregnated
to drunk poetry and death of consciousness
like the bare feet of winter
killed by glass mirrors,
castanets of stone
to the cosmic breath
and bone, the tulle sandalwood
of this bride’s wrist
bound to Hades.

Happy writing!


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