Emigrating – Tan Ruey Fern

Friendly brows furrow

at unfamiliar names

of songs, of musicians,

and the Future smiles, knowing

this soon will not matter.

One day we all find that people

tolerate the obscured obsidian

collecting dust in our repertoire.

Trembling musculature

knows where to go

in our throats, in our guts

and the Past packs its bags

to follow on a faraway carriage.

Blue-purple things at the tips

of our tongues are just berry-stained,

so tell them not to worry about oxygen.

Golden egg of the brains

hatches and un-hatches

magnetised shards reassembling

in our hearts and stomachs, so

tell them we know where to go;

don’t tell them how we know.

Tan Ruey Fern is a hobbyist writer from somewhere in Southeast Asia. She shares poetry and poetry-related posts daily on her blog: https://carboniferouschronicles.wordpress.com/.

2 thoughts on “Emigrating – Tan Ruey Fern

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