Death No More – Elena Maria Mana-ay Parcon

Black as the arms of death

barely touch those souls, once

ensnared by the shadows…

now fleeing as the blood

of the Anointed is poured

like wine. His breath—

like fire slays the wicked in

the ebb of the dark. Now,

the light has shone …

Tears left no trace

among faces but

dazzlingly bright smiles.

Wicks—no longer beguiled

by the wind but stilled…

while the angels are yet to

flutter, singing hymns to

the Mighty One.

Then life triumphs…death no more.

Elena Maria Mana-ay Parcon is a poetess living in the Pearl of the Orient Seas, the Philippines. Her passion for creative writing has immensely thrived through the years. As such, her masterpieces are published in her poetry site at Some of which are also featured in Free Verse Revolution at

Other links for her works:,,, and @inspirationalpoetry (facebook). A lover of arts too, she collaborates her words and design at She is the author of lenette quotes and unwordy lips on facebook.  

3 thoughts on “Death No More – Elena Maria Mana-ay Parcon

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