Never alone – Tanisha Barrett

They say “born alone – die alone” 

But they’re wrong 

No you

You came into this world cocooned in your mothers womb

You were held in her warmth 

And in death you will be held also 

Coaxed into the afterlife by those who have already passed 

Meeting that appointment with death 

The last breath 

Hands clasped

Guided out

Life and death fully felt


And to loved ones 

Know that you are not alone 

We are here 

Our plains sit on top of one another 

Like slick oil on water 

Like ships in the night 

We sail on different seas 

Like sunlight on skin 

Barely there 

Rarely seen 

But felt within

And reassured knowing  

the space between us lessening 


My name is Tanisha! I am a mental health nurse by background, I deliver therapy and also teach on diversity and difference.  In my spare time I write poems about mental health, race, sexuality and body image. You can find more of my poems on instagram @blacksugarising. I also write some of my thoughts on my blog about acceptance of self:  

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