Do not grieve for me – Ellie Onka

i see you by the red shores

the fossorial dreams,

and stardust gathered 

at my bones. ochreous

lay at the tumuli of my feet,

the skyline is 

a Kalahari womb

from the dead women

and Endymion’s lust of

the moon; algorithms 

in cocktails of in-utero 

darkness; death of the lambs

as perfume 

sandspits and drowns

on my skin;


the angel bloody wombs

redden among stone; this is 

not my blood, after all,

not the first stone

to drown

neither the first

fingers to 

bloom the ghost; fingertips 

or daggers to mind

and mind; the black star explodes

in Greek threnody. Do not grieve

for me.

Ellie Onka is an emerging poet who has publications appearing in Visual Verse Anthology, Oxford is my Home Webzine, and Variant Literature Magazine; and forthcoming in the Scarlet Leaf Review and Ephemeral Elegies. She has many cats that consider her crazy, and when she’s not writing, she is losing sleep over it. Onka is the owner and founder of Lucy’s Works: A Little Writing Workshop of Horrors.

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