11 thoughts on “September writing prompt #2

  1. You handsome devil.

    By: Lucy

    The first chip in the axe
    is in the ebony winter
    fingers craving on the fresh
    vein of apples,
    madness, an old wine,

    the tender briar
    of the moon and drunk
    morpheus to a shore
    that never bleeds;
    seduction to the red
    strawberries / naked insanities
    to veiled black feathers,
    we’ll not wait
    for the moon to commit suicide.
    Have our tombs,
    six months in winter,
    six months in spring;

    you handsome devil,
    there is a dream impregnated
    to drunk poetry and death of consciousness
    like the bare feet of winter
    killed by glass mirrors,
    castanets of stone
    to the cosmic breath
    and bone, the tulle sandalwood
    of this bride’s wrist
    bound to Hades.

    A/N: I ran with the Proserpina and Pluto Greek myth. First thing that came to mind when I saw the prompt.

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  2. For Kate, may you continue to rest in peace

    To blighted shores
    which scarcely felt the sun,
    duty lured you, too soon
    to Ludlow’s unconsummated stone,
    alone with a widow’s grief.
    Young Harry’s wooing
    boosted your status
    from princess to queen,
    a chance to plant roots
    in that then rich catholic soil.
    How could you anticipate
    such machinations of injustice,
    your husband’s oft quoted
    passage from Leviticus?
    You bore your fate with the dignity
    those scheming to depose you lacked.
    I ponder your fruits, the pomegranates
    which bedeck your grave,
    those seeds of faith sprouted
    in the minds of admirers
    who still honour you,
    the true Queen of Hearts.

    Francis Barker 2020


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  3. Carboniferous Fern

    Pomegranate Seeds

    to your teeth, and
    resist chewing.

    The float of gold dust
    in your first home and
    an ambush of jelly
    in an orange popsicle.

    in the mirror of your face
    where you could see
    your father’s fear of crowds and
    your mother’s distaste for clutter
    both cluttering up
    the image of yourself.

    Pomegranate seeds
    are good for you.


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