I still ask for two glasses – Andrada Costoiu

I planned to forget, 
But when you truly love someone,
It never leaves you.

I hoped that the rains would wash me into a river,
So I will learn to flow like water,
Shapeless, formless,
Until I’ll reach a shore
Where memories cannot travel.

It has been months since it happened,
We fought for our hearts,
But the distance swallowed us whole,
And spit us out onto different paths.

And so here I sit, near the piano,
still asking for two glasses
for the ghosts of you and I.

Andrada Costoiu is an academic, a pilot in training and a writer of stories that come from the heart. She lives in California, where she spends her time between academic research and writing books. Her academic work and her literary endeavors have been published in various international journals and publications. Her new poetry collection “Love poems: insights into the complicated mystery of love” promises to walk your mind and your heart through the many moods of love.  Andrada enjoys writing on the deep sense of life and on philosophical questions. You can find more of her writing at her personal blog: Andrada’s world (https://a-passion4life.com), where she frequently writes about her experiences, events and people that are an inspiration to her.

3 thoughts on “I still ask for two glasses – Andrada Costoiu

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