dream (returning hand in hand) – Ellie Onka

Black feathers as I dreamed,
do not look at me; ebony moon
the lust of the body of the shore,
as nightmares, in what I’ve never
known at all, reflect the Artemis moon;
the fat, yellow moon; it’s a blood-hunt
to the red-hills,

and a sea,
cocktails of sweat

death at the ground.


There is beauty in the death of things

in imminent dreaming,

for it’s like death itself;

white fingers shutting
they shiver
to the cosmic 
in between 
veteran of psychosis
and leaves among the red
each one among the red
each one red; sands topple,
to astronomic bone
of his stardust.



Ellie Onka is an emerging poet who has publications appearing in Visual Verse Anthology, Oxford is my Home Webzine, and Variant Literature Magazine; and forthcoming in the Scarlet Leaf Review and Ephemeral Elegies. She has many cats that consider her crazy, and when she’s not writing, she is losing sleep over it. Onka is the owner and founder of Lucy’s Works: A Little Writing Workshop of Horrors.

8 thoughts on “dream (returning hand in hand) – Ellie Onka

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  2. Carboniferous Fern

    I really enjoy the repetition in this poem! I also loved the images “Black feathers . . . do not look at me” “fat, yellow moon” “cocktails of sweat” and “the cosmic in between”.

    Liked by 2 people

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