Cosmos – Resham Singhania

Stars, planets, their many moons and rings, are items on my grocery list

Sometimes I’m sure I’m living life, one quantum particle at a time, radiating heat, 

Emitting elements out of my very existence

I see the vast black not as an escape but as a tenantable micro cosmos

The magnetic field around it pulling me in

Protecting me always like the vastu shastra we use back home

The galaxies call out our name as we refuse to indulge its beck and call, jump down the rabbit hole again, look up, this once to see the world expand around you

Like the buildings the skyscrapers 

And bridges don’t exist

Nothing of the concrete after life we’ve been exiled to 

I dream of the million eco-systems we crashed through, the attrited nature of the human senses, the many many moons we belonged to

They call us

They ask us about our homes

They ask if we’re happy where we are

They ask if we deserve to return to the cosmos



Resham Singhania, 21, is a student of Dental Surgery from Kolkata, India. Her life is a constant clash between (and sometimes blend of)  academia and the instinct to poeticize everything before her eyes.
Her poems are soon to be featured in an anthology, and she also works as a content writer for an online literary magazine.
She writes at: (@ripplebyresham)

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