Galactical Mind – Lori Zybala

Black open space~

Beyond planet earth 






Dream seeker 

Earth to sky walker 


Trillions of named stars 

Fill the black space 

Astrology science talker


Man’s imagination runs wild ~

Intelligent life on other planets


As pure oxygen 

And fresh water 

Earth treasures taken for granted 


Millions – billions

Currency flung into depleting air


One earth           our planet”

Spins ~ forgotten 

Sadly abused – without care 


Human mind walker 

Galaxy stalker 


Wide-open spaces 

Blank alien faces 


Expansive frontier 

Entices man              “out there” 


As earths precious oceans and trees

Vanish here              into thin air 



“Nature always brings out the realness of life, it does not know how to be anything else than what it was created for.” Words by: L.Z. 

Lori Zybala, writes poetry related to the workings of the human mind and the perspective of human interactions. Poetry is a natural extension of the brain,  a union of the conscious and subconscious musing of an artistic mind.
Her pseudo- name is “ecopoet” and you can find her words by visiting;


9 thoughts on “Galactical Mind – Lori Zybala

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  2. This is such a beautiful poem. The Earth is sadly abused by our actions; and the theme I see in this poem is seeking for something better, all the while, we ignore the needs of our own planet as it continues to exacerbate from our actions to nature and life.

    “Human mind walker
    Galaxy stalker”

    These lines are amazing, I love them so much. This has a plethora of imagery and I love how you delved into the state of the Earth as it is currently from humanity. I don’t find many poems that describe this actuality–that we continue to seek other planets and galaxies for either something, maybe human life, or maybe just life on another planet. It’s almost an escapism or a fantasy while consciously or unconsciously disregarding our planet. One step at a time, it should be.

    Excellent poem, it’s a fantastic write with a poignant meaning. I love this piece. ❤

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