Ocean to ocean – Ellie Onka

Ophelia flowers


to the excessive 


by the fingernails of psithurism,

and trees that inherit the blood red;


ankles sink into the ocean

stars come to the end

of light—the angry light

that feasts 

beyond the last bone

from the tree,


and dark waves

beyond the terminus of the skies

familiar in graveyard shifts

tiptoe of the moon

made for midnight dances

in the galaxy’s sleep.


My solidity is diffusing

ocean to ocean

with the red dust of Mars,

to pathos and requiem


as death parts a river

of my reverie. 



You can read more of Ellie’s work at: https://lucysworks.com

Painting by John Everett Millais (Ophelia)

16 thoughts on “Ocean to ocean – Ellie Onka

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