Sunday Best: Erebus

Dear reader,

That’s a wrap on June’s theme of The Underneath. July’s theme of Galaxies begins tomorrow and there are several contributor slots open. To submit, please follow these guidelines.

Before you catch up on this week’s pieces, please remember people’s lives and human rights are not just hashtags.

Below are links to resources and cases in urgent need of support:

To catch-up on the final June pieces:

Tuesday – Candice Louisa Daquin

Wednesday – Punam Sharma

Thursday – Kindra M. Austin

Friday – Ferial Mohamed

Saturday – Yamesh

June’s final prompt was ‘Erebus’ and here are the top three responses:

Black Wings – Lori Zybala

Still shadows infuse the ceiling

Darkness penetrating  forces reeling 

Paranormal aura transcended

Heart poundingrapidly 

Dialect of dark vowels 

Vibrating the surroundings


Blue vein pulses  clenching the brain

Supernatural vision  are you are going insane? 

Primordial deity 

Dark angel of doomVortex cavity  circling the room 


Black wings quiver whispering; “Come and see” 

Tactic deployed to outsmart

Temptation revolving 

Clamps down on your heart


Adversary of the kingdom

Destroyer of good

Power thrives in the darkness

Manipulator of manhood


Opposing force created to collide

Rhelm battle impendinghold tight

Steel sword protection

Dark-wing force fight


Fact? or Fiction? 

Dreaming or dead?

Room rotating rapidly

Paralyzed in the ivory bed



Visions  hallucinations

Mind matter restraints

Darkness into morning 

day into night



Will the mind resurface?  the revelry end?



Suddenly! – illumination infiltrates blinding

Deflecting evil’s blow

east  south – north – west

Rhelm protection  altered flow


Circling entity  pivots 

Black wing captured  defeated



Prophecy eyewitness The seventh seal rapture

Silently lying in your ivory bed

amangledfoxtrot on IG

Ravens at sea by @kristianamst on IG

Happy writing!


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