Sunday Best: camouflage

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Tuesday – Basilike Pappa

Wednesday – Jimmi Campkin

Thursday – Yamesh

Friday – Nicholas Gagnier

Saturday – Mark Tulin



This week’s prompt was ‘camouflage’ and here are the top three responses from Instagram:

Camouflage – unspoken_words_of_passion

I took a piece of my soul and gave it to you

You held it like red beryls starlit by a rosewater dream

Painted of rainbow skies blest by a celestial supreme

Camouflaged fresh dew drops on a grass blade

reflecting mystical trees crowned by leaves

You pierced my heart with pieces of you

Kissed of magical daisies, I bleed of you

I sink in comfort and drown in love

One chill morning, you breathed me in

And stitched my sorrows with an occult potion

tearing from your eye

Tearing my poisonous veins into a lie

I took a broken piece of my soul

wrapped it in sparkling pieces of diamonds

And secretly hid it inside your breath

You found it, made it yours

and now, I camouflage you

I’m lost in you.








The call for submissions for July will be released tomorrow!

Happy writing!



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