The Midnight Prince of Summertime Hedonism – Yamesh

I dwell in the shadows of luxuriant ease

With glistening eye of purloined jewels 

Of the forbidden inexorable moonlit pleasure.

I mock your jaundiced Helio worshipping

Reclined ecstasy of uninvolved repose

That acceptance of sunshine hypocrisy.

Mine is the delight in devilry,

rasping laugh borne on magpie wings

I am the Midnight Prince of summertime hedonism.

From covert leaf dappled darkness

I pour scorn on your frivolity 

Mine is the truth of Helios’ lie

I know what lies beneath.

I see the falsehood of your delusion,

The tranquil observance of the dictats,

The obedience to a self-centric lethargy.

The darkening sky is not to be feared,

But revelled in, the unspoken promise 

Of imaginable intangible opportunity.

I am the Midnight Prince, 

welcome to my playground of shadows

My domain of truth-filled explicit pleasure.

Forsake the glaring blindness of his lie

I dwelt deep in the shadows long before

His chosen emerged, pets and popinjays,

A project of amusement and disregard.

I mock your repose of sunkissed limbs,

I see the truth while you bask in the lie.

I am the Midnight Prince,

Dwelling in the shadows of unravelling truth.



The Midnight Prince by Yamesh 

2 thoughts on “The Midnight Prince of Summertime Hedonism – Yamesh

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