Shell and Seed – Basilike Pappa

As hereditary relations set the dinner table 

unresolved issues (like chasmodia) 

are best not mentioned 

An electronic hum (sound without footsteps)

stops when it goes to sleep

everyone be quiet or else

No one asks you anything (when do flowers moon?)

Even within the same script

ghosts pushed under the carpet

Sweeping and me don’t mix

so the verse is made tangible

because of what’s under my skin (un- / dis- / in-)

Prepare scenes and dialogue

survival must be theatrical (watch out for grammatical shifts)

always hide what you write

And wait– 




the beast of spring awakes inside a peach



Basilike Pappa is a bookmonger and a wordcubine. She believes that in poetry an image must montage the mind with false cognates, and that god is sun on a copper coffee pot. Her prose has appeared in Life & Art MagazineIntrinsick and Timeless Tales, and her poetry in Rat’s Ass ReviewSurreal PoeticsBones – Journal for Contemporary HaikuVisual Verse and in Nicholas Gagnier’s anthology All the Lonely People. Most of the time she can be found reading near a window in Greece. You can see more of her work on her blog Silent Hour.

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