Sunday best: sleight of hand/mirage

Dear reader,

My apologies for missing last week’s Sunday Best post! Below are the links to the exceptional pieces from the past fortnight. Submissions are also open for June. The theme is The Underneath and submission guidelines are here.

Catch up on the fortnight:

Tuesday 19th – Barbara Leonhard

Wednesday 20th – Lynn White

Thursday 21st – HLR

Friday 22nd – Lori Terrell

Saturday 23rd – Ingrid

Tuesday 26th – Candice Louisa Daquin

Wednesday 27th – S. K. Nicholas

Thursday 28th – Lori Zybala

Friday 29th – Devereaux Frazier

Saturday 30th – Devika Mathur

Below are responses to the prompts ‘sleight of hand’ and ‘mirage’:

Sleight of hand – Candice Louisa Daquin

sleight of
the glass
cuts into your
neck like swans
bending to still
red blood makes
a necklace then
a dress of your
life and
we all
scream in
vain horror
for the deed
it has
all who watched
in rapture

Shadow Hanging Over Me – mistyroadsblog


By the ascetic shores on a megalithic boat

My abstracted eyes fixate on the bare horizon

Momentarily awakened by a colossal sail on the saline afloat

grotesquely scud mine boat like a mad bison

The feline yacht with its vulturous wings, far away

Far away, So huge to be forbidden among piratic tales

As Me shoves mine row through the oceans rock current and sing

“Me captive ye, Me attain ye, but me won’t fail”

Salt choked my vision, as me takes a spear

And rise on mine sailing plinth

And oared my dinghy faster, me fears

Salt waters shall pull me to their labyrinth

Sad, Me drowns in the sea, the colossal is nowhere to be seen

I feel no more weight but the magnetic pull of the oceans beneath

Ye here heard a tale of men’s race to materiality

Alas! Life is a mirage of all things except spirituality

Please note: “Me” and “mine” used instead of “I” and “my” are intended to symbolise the unaware and possessive thoughts of the row man from an archaic era

©️Shreya B

available but not to you – mb

I.D. Bora (@mymusings.2018 on IG)

Legs, high up in the air

Arms afloat

like a feather,

devoid of any weight,

through the tresses of my hair,

my eyes see the blue infinity,

a vast horizon, I’m falling

a freefall.


I trust you to hold me,

I trust you to let me fly,

I hope this isn’t

another mirage of mine.


Happy writing!



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