Temptation – Devika Mathur

I know the formations
when I had your face
close to my lips.
voids went flickering
with aerospace dissolved
in the hymns of my carrot eyes

I tore up the blatant sky
that rummage your body
and your smell,
for I sleep with my eyes
dipped in your presence.
Soft balls of cotton inside
thundering my long legs
all about your hair-locks
all about your language of love.
I became warm inside
your dewy arms and moles.
Your words, temple bells.

The whiteness of a damp canvas
augments as my pupil cries
for a slick kiss to form knots.
Knots of bond. Memoirs.
a reality or is this what illusion feels like?



Devika Mathur resides in India and is a published poet, writer. Her work has been published in Madras Courier, Dying Dahlia Review, Pif MagazineSpillwords, Duane’s PoetreePiker PressMojave heart reviewWhisper and the Roar amongst various others. She is currently working on her book “Crimson Skins” due this year. She is also the founder of surreal poetry website “Olive skins” and writes for https://myvaliantsoulsblog.wordpress.com/  

5 thoughts on “Temptation – Devika Mathur

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