Illusion – Candice Louisa Daquin

Now is a time to no longer fear

what we are

that Jungian Shadow, seething unconscious

servicing thief of farming dead soil

its leopard paw

falling against

the pre-torn.

Awake is a sensation

disquieting, without prison,

silence moves side-ways as

green sleep slips from

pond slim, suffocating the

impulse for thriving.

In the folds of her gray dress

tears dwell like refugees

mislaying their last photograph.

she’d choose the rocks in her pocket

thread them with pearls

and bite down

on that cyanide

impulse, oh, if

pain were the only loss.

Lie in ruin, or the swell

of others glutting dreams

fingering your own threadbare


blooming despite their lack of watering

thready and thirsting

for succor

between concrete teeth.

A misfortune, its white flag

of surrender, tuned to

the wrong station, a radio

blindfolded against calcified bones of storm,

debt, a lover who

does not give back

even as her mouth is stained

cherry red.

Would you applaud if you knew

quite the run of my best hose

how penetrating the feasting?

Famine smelling isolation,

like a belching man

scratching his flawed


I was bred for inheritance,

stuffed astonishment kneeling in imitation

forefathers opening third eye

the plump grief of sleep interrupted.

we felt, this lithe threading of

buried willpower

auctioning our

tabernacle Gods

and crying in public places

with the raw bellow of

twisted guts supping

on paint-thinner.

Sever this place of

illusion, blue flame on

glass top, swig the Sear, become

guilt in pale lamplight, for dawn

is no grace to disfigured

longing, half-buried beneath

your mistakes as

blood shall labor

till slipping her gloves

into dawn.



To read more of Candice Louisa Daquin’s work – The Feathered Sleep and at Hijacked Amygdala. You can also follow her Facebook – Candice Louisa Daquin The Feathered Sleep.

4 thoughts on “Illusion – Candice Louisa Daquin

  1. This is pretty heavy. You have some great lines. I like the way you put words together. My favorite line is “calcified bones of storm” – great imagery. Very expressive. Hope you feel better soon.

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