The You-And-Me Illusion – Ingrid

It was sometimes seen at midnight

Veiled in moonlight

Written in the stars in hidden code;


Glimpsed in the sun’s first rays at daybreak

But lost before the twilight’s parting glow.


It was sometimes in your eyes, reflected in mine

Sometimes in neither

Or else dulled, in mine alone.


It was a ‘portion of eternity’

Too heavy for each one of us to bear

Like a tale without a teller

Or a teller 

Who did not quite know the tale:



It smacked of forever

Leaving nothing

But an inscrutable trail 

Of the dead.



It is a dedication 

Carved in marble

Heavy-set in granite stone.

Or typeset in the opening

Of a book I’ve yet to dedicate

To you.



My name is Ingrid, and I write at

4 thoughts on “The You-And-Me Illusion – Ingrid

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