Sunday Best: phantom

Dear reader,

I hope you are well; staying safe and healthy.

Catch up on this week’s pieces for the theme ‘Illusion’:

Tuesday – Megha Sood

Wednesday – L. Stevens

Thursday – Robert Ronnow

Friday – Prathami

Saturday – Jaya Avendel


This week’s prompt was ‘phantom’ and responses were posted across WordPress and Instagram, here are the top three:

Dark Apostle – Barbara Leonhard

A list of sordid memories – I. D. Bora (@mymusings.2018 on Instagram)

  1. of my pleated skirt and dried rusty brown patches on it. like maps in an atlas. the horror that followed amongst my batchmates as they giggled. ‘oh! that girl’
  2. a hound whose shadowy presence and untamed eyes trailed my footsteps.
  3. that phantom being who i thought could trust. who played piano in the dark. whose fingers so dextrous over the keys. found their way to my thighs then to my knees as my voice choked behind the strains of March.
  4. the grass that wasn’t greener on the other side but all the more pale.

withered lilies.

torn letters.

broken records.

pawned jewellery

none knows of my list

of sordid memories.

Orpheus’ Lament – Raiza Hasmath (@wildflower_wordings on Instagram)

The strings in my golden lyre

bewails nostalgic notes in groves

My sleepless nights nudges me

of feckless elegiac years ahead

My ribcage is now jejune

robbed of your secretive smiles

Oh, what more peril could’ve

I brought upon myself?

Before the memorial photograph

of your image in white veils and

The gold within our wedding bands

could tarnish away in my eye’s brine

Your divine face vanished into thin air

to the promised isles of the perished

Oh, my beloved! I shan’t let death

part us despite world’s out of order

My grieving melodies moved

every being beyond the Styx

No adulation shall beguile Hades

albeit my idyllic love softened his heart

His kindness shone towards land’s light

but, I had reversed to infernal gloom

All my sedulous endeavours foundered

in despair, wasting my spirits

Melancholic desperation waited not

to look into thy delicate irises

The pure visage did last long

in the blink of a sorrowful eye

Presented in front of me was

your flickering esthetical phantom

Preparing to descend to the shallows

as an illusion of hopeless revival


How shall I live forever

if I never see you again?


Let my effete cadaver burn in

the pyre under the Mount Olympus

And my gilded lyre be placed

among the heavenly stars

Let Apollo sing my unfortunate

love’s mournful tunes in luminance

Nightingales and nymphs shall

weep my end’s bittersweets.


My Eurydice, I shall meet you on the

other side in the fields of the Blessed.


Happy reading!



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