Cherry Blossoms – Holly Rene Hunter

A mass of  tangled limbs we cling to each other. I hold tight to baby sister as we toss about the dank floor of the vessel, its boards pelted by the spray of high swells. Her   sweet scent distinguishes her from the others, she has the smell of  blossoms freshly picked. Just yesterday we were lingering along the dirt road that leads from the old school house to our home of splintered walls and concrete floors ignoring by instinct the slant eyes of  men driving an old van closer and closer. Our school books scattered on the path, muffled cries drowned under rumbling motors. Miles from home we are fed La Rochas to  soothe us into sweet fevered dreams. Waking  in a perfumed world of flowered sarongs and  silk fans, we can sense the slits of men’s eyes behind angry walls.


Copyright H. Rene Hunter

25 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms – Holly Rene Hunter

  1. Wow!
    I’ve read this 3 times. I’m going for four… maybe 5. Now have read this 7 times.
    The writing is rich and gorgeous. I fear a very deep meaning.
    It seems like a story of an abduction.
    Have I wandered off the scent of blossoms? Please let me know!

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      1. No, not upset! I just wanted to know I interpreted it right.
        Well done, Holly! Life isn’t always a bowl of cherries, and we shouldn’t become complacent…..

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      1. It is a sad aftermath that it is estimated that 2000 girls and women have been taken in Nigeria since the Chibok abductions in 2014. Only a handful escaped and some were exchanged for militant prisoner releases. The world seems distracted or in disbelief but the true horror is that number pales in comparison to the 20,000 people sold into labor or sex slavery in the US every year. The vulnerable numbers are growing and tho we try, we cannot stop the tide of this most heinous crime against humanity. Florida is the 3rd largest state for human trafficking victims behind California and Texas. Most Americans are totally unaware we are the shame for the world in this trade of human life and dignity. This is why your poem was so striking to me. I am actually trained and experienced in sniffing this out and just finished my 2020 training update in combatting trafficking in people. To save the victims, we need to go after the predators who pose as legitimate business, entertainment, and service industry but are nothing more than plain heartless criminal enterprise. It is a noble cause to fight, I believe.

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      2. There is an entire army of shadow warriors fighting this everyday with little funding, scant resources, little to no general public support, and loud lip flapping from governments. What they do have is dedication and perseverance. We can’t get them all, but we won’t stop trying. People like yourself and others have let their voices be heard and this keeps that Army of volunteers on the job 24/7/365.

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