Peeling Grapes – Kevin J. Fellows

The old man peels the skin, barely anything; thin

He does it carefully with slow and steady hands

A knife worn; whet, and honed a hundred times

He peels the skin from grapes with heavy yet certain fingers

These children his but for a generation;

their father gone to service;

mother sells her wares

Such eager faces

Smiles bloom;

his patience boundless

He peels; one for her and one for him,

grateful, and with a love never fallow



Kevin J. Fellows writes poetry and speculative fantasy fiction. His debut novel, At the End of the World, will be published in 2020. He’s a member of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association. He lives in the desert southwest, but was born in the wilds of New Hampshire. Both places inspire his poetry. You can read more of his poetry at his blog.

2 thoughts on “Peeling Grapes – Kevin J. Fellows

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