Nature’s Walk – Mark Tulin

My stroll down Anapamu Street

is met by the inviting rows of roses,

roses of romantic red,

roses of purity in white,

orange roses of desire,

and the yellow roses of friendship.


The roses take my hand,

guide me on the path 

of nature’s walk

in the glistening sunlight 

of the Santa Barbara coast. 


While I still may smell jasmine 

and the ocean breeze sends

an alluring call for me,

my eyes, firmly fixed

on unfurling petals of bloom,

opening its nectar of  peace 

and the innocence of a new beginning.  



Mark Tulin is a former therapist who lives in California. Mark has two poetry chapbooks, Magical Yogis and Awkward Grace. The Asthmatic Kid and Other Stories will be published in August of 2020. He’s been featured in Poetry Village, Oddball Magazine, Poppy Road Review, among others.  Follow Mark at Crow On The Wire

5 thoughts on “Nature’s Walk – Mark Tulin

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