Innocence – Kristiana Reed

No one ever tells girls

how awkward ‘blossoming’ feels,

how unceremoniously ugly you feel

the moment your body opens its sleep weary eyes

to tell you, to warn you, that nothing is sacred –

that innocence

is lit dynamite.


No one ever tells girls

how much everything changes,

how nothing remains the same

and suspicion becomes your middle name,

because trust now comes with blood

and bad choices –

now innocence

is a short fuse.


No one ever tells girls

they are the only ones without matches,

but hungry eyes and greedy fingers

exist in plenty – with wooden sticks

and the smell of cordite

swirling in their dreams

because innocence is something

to be lost – to blossom and fall,

to wilt and burn between the heat

created by a finger and thumb.



Kristiana Reed is a writer and an English Teacher living in the UK. She is the creator of My Screaming Twenties and sole editor of Free Verse Revolution on WordPress. She  released her debut poetry collection, Between the Trees, in Spring 2019. Her work has been published in several poetry anthologies (Swear To Me, All The Lonely People, We Will Not Be Silenced), in the feminist issue of MAELSTROM Zine, in the inaugural issue (flight) from Nightingale and Sparrow, and in the seventh issue of Turnpike Magazine.

Social media handles:

Instagram: @kristianamst

Facebook: @myscreamingtwenties

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