A River Runs – Kevin J. Fellows

My river cuts through hills and fields,

falls fresh from the mountain’s tower

rushing slowly to another day


Pools eddy in deepening cold; memories of winter

Jagged rapids slice until bleeding white; turn and twist


Swirls of leaves float among ripples

Mud seethes on the shore 

Trees tower and moan; reflecting


Shadows mirror a sky, clear blue, clouded gray, and starlit black

Stones tumble ages from their lofty mountain start


Fish hide until called to the fly

I’m planted on this bridge, drawn to the flow,

and all that flows is black



I’m Kevin J. Fellows and have been writing poetry for a few years. I’ve only recently started submitting. However, you can find previous work on my blog. Most of my work is speculative or fantastic. I’m a fantasy author and have a novel titled At the End of the World coming out later this year.

3 thoughts on “A River Runs – Kevin J. Fellows

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