March Writing Prompt #4

The top three responses will be shared this Sunday coming; so you have plenty of time to write and share your inspired piece in the comments below.

Happy writing!



One thought on “March Writing Prompt #4

  1. “I dare you” said she to him standing one foot back
    from an edge they didn’t know what knife cut between
    the thought on this side of the chasm and the thought
    on the other side. Inch by inch they approached sharp
    moments that awaited their hearts burning as they do
    when the emptiness begins to anticipate being filled
    not sure if it wants to be filled or acknowledged by water
    that floods like blood from the wound made by the knife
    used to cut the chasm that now separates two thoughts
    that once were one that together made peculiar sense
    to the mystified child who could not believe in the cliff
    that might be jumped from in search of flight,
    in search of…

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