Sunday Best: the water beneath

Dear reader,

This week many of the pieces have captured how people no doubt feel at present. Lost in an inbetween or trying to create a bridge between a place of anxiety and security. How ever you are feeling – I wish you comfort and strength.

And perhaps you shall find some solace in this week’s pieces:

Tuesday – Jai K

Wednesday – L. Stevens

Thursday – Christine E. Ray

Friday – M. A. Morris

Saturday – Candice Louisa Daquin

This week’s prompt was ‘the water beneath’ and here are three reponses taken from WordPress and Instagram.

Hope – Pallavi

a christening awry – mb

in the beginning was the word
as i unfold beneath my mother’s water
there i am suspended
in the middle of my death
beneath the water
where the all of my love
must now reside
beneath the water
and i heard the wind say
twixt the trees and the bush
and the word was with Him only
then my father spoke prickly and grotesque a gruesome eye opening
black doves in the dream led something in me to scream beneath that water
when that something of a passing breeze separated from the flesh of me
it said that the word was God
and i chose to fall back beneath that dark blue water
while upon my dubious rising
my arms stretched out
to the sinking of the sun

If you need something to look forward to, this Monday coming I shall announce April’s theme and open up submissions.

Happy writing!


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